I’m not an “expert” gardener, but I do have a bit of a green thumb. I’ve taken my turn at growing several different plants around the house, even managing to harvest a few sweet peppers I grew from grocery store produce seeds. I enjoy getting my hands in the soil. I started this site as a passion project, and to document my own successes and failures as a hobbyist gardener. I’m naturally analytical and research-minded, so when something is particularly interesting to me I tend to learn as much as I can about it, and when something is going wrong I do my best to get to the bottom of the problem. I hope the things I share here will help you keep your own little fat plants happy and healthy, or at least bring a smile to your day.

My love for succulents and cacti started in the summer of 2016 when I gave up my attempts at bonsai due to the lack of enough direct sunlight in my apartment—what I wouldn’t give for some windows—I was gifted a Joseph’s Coat cactus and its survival sparked a newfound love of small desert-dwelling plants.

the site

This is the first web page I’ve built since the Ooga-Chaka dancing baby, and the beginning of  animated gifs. I’m talking about the Geocities and Angelfire days (if you don’t get the reference ask your parents). The site is new and under constant development. I have hopes for adding an identification Gallery, as well as possibly featuring themed merchandise and art for sale in the near future.